Facts Action Compassion Empowerment

F.A.C.E beauty was created my Professional makeup artist Michelle Swoons to empower others.  

“F.A.C.E beauty, born in 2018, is my dreams finally coming to life. I created this brand to empower people regardless of race or age. I wanted to make something that was not only good for you, but something that was all inclusive that worked for everyone. All my Makeup is infused with skincare and quality ingredients so the products work for you, not against you! A separate skincare line was also launched in Fall of 2018 to really treat those issues you’re having. I also tripled up on the pigments so that all skin tones and people from all walks of life could use it.  F.A.C.E Beauty products are ageless, created with some extra special care for mature skin. Everything you can purchase here, is basically my creations that I used to come up with while doing makeup professionally by mixing different products things together to get them to work properly. I decided that enough was enough, I’m making my own line!” 

-Michelle Swoons

Prestige Creative Markets West Chicago, IL.

One Salon Bridal 

St Charles, IL.

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