The world's first one and done brow product from F.A.C.E. beauty by Michelle Swoons! I decided to make this for everyone (like me) out there who's not that great at brows. This little guy fills in the brow, highlights, defines and sets all at once!


This brush-on tinted brow gel fills in and highlights brows. True-to-life shades and highlighters harmonize with natural brow color for fuller, healthy looking brows. 


*Paraben-free, Made with Vitamins C & E 


PRO TIP: Comb through the brow, then use a spoolie brush to distribute and shape to perfection. Remember to comb up for a natural full brow.

One and Done Brow Tint

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  • Welcome to the easiest life altering product ever created! Do you struggle with your brows? Have you been fighting with them to get their shit together? Well look no further, I've made the best of the best for my peeps.


    How to use?

    Using built-in applicator, lightly brush onto brow hairs, sculpting them into the desired shape. I like to comb up and shape along the brow, then use a spoolie brush after to disperse and perfect. Use alone or after other brow powders or pencils.


    Now available in 4 colors for every beauty in the world.

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