Inspired by the colors of my gym, the Legacy Trio, encompasses two things that changed my life forever, Neda and Ultifit Naperville.


Being diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder in 2017 totally changed my life. I turned to Neda's website to get some info on the eating disorder and try to understand more of what I was dealing with. They were one of the only places where I could get some info on B.E.D. aside from my doctor's office.


Ultifit aka Ultimate Ninja's Naperville is where the real story begins. It's a story of friendship, community and understanding that physical strength is only a part of what they do there. At Ultifit I learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and to celebrate the small victories. Brian Redard and Tori Clement also showed me that all those small victories one day would turn into big moves for me. I've gained so much strength, physically and mentally, that I was able to pursue my dreams of launching my own makeup line and F.A.C.E. beauty by Michelle Swoons was born!


"To that huge community of people ready to celebrate my story and all my success', this is for you! Thank you!" - Michelle

My Legacy Trio

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  • This trio features 3 colors inspired by the Ultifit Logo, and Neda Logos. A portion of the proceeds goes back to the National Eating DIsorders Awareness Association, because thats something very important to me. The colors include 

    -Maybe Baby A vibrant mermaid blue 

    -White Gold A sleek white gold color with Shimmer and sheen

    -Toucan Do It A vibrant bright green with shimmer and sheen

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