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Welcome “the healthy mascara” to your routine. Achieve full and soft lashes super easy with this no mess Mascara… in more ways than one. The formula itself has rich vitamins and minerals to help your lashes grow fuller, healthier, and stronger over time. Why didn’t anyone think to make a Mascara with growth factors before? The fiber brush and perfect formula coat the lashes from root to tip lifting them for the perfect full and soft look.


  • Lifting mascara
  • Hollow-fiber brush
  • Full, lavish lashes


Lush Mascara

  • Products are shipped as they are available. Everything is made in small batches, so you may have to wait a little longer for processing. We apologize in advance for having to make you wait for products, F.A.C.E is working hard to have products in stock so shipping can take off much sooner.