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This Longwearing Gel Eyeliner from F.A.C.E. beauty by Michelle Swoons is the softest pencil liner you'll ever find. Easily blendable with a Smudger Brush for a soft romantic smoke. This is one of my favorite looks ever!


PRO TIP: I love applying the Gel Eyeliners in the outer corners of my eyes and taking a F.A.C.E. beauty Smudger Brush over it for a soft defined look. I also really love using these for a pop of color in my eye looks! 


Metallic Finish Colors:




Matte Color Finish: 





Longwearing Gel Eyeliner

  • What It Is

    Super smooth, long-wearing liner with intense color pay-off. Moisturizing and hydrating ingredients provide a soft, blendable application. Paraben-free.


    What's Inside

    Safflower Seed Oil and Soybean Oil make this pencil soft, creamy and allow for a smooth color pay off. Soothing Chamomile and Vitamins C & E are gentle and moisturizing for delicate lids.


    How To Use

    Glide along base of upper and lower lashes. Close cap tightly after application.