F.A.C.E beauty by Michelle Swoons has created a full line of skincare for targeted issues by expanding its line with Serums. Skincare is the single most important thing in your routine. Most issues people try to cover with makeup, can be corrected permanently with skincare. Having a Firming Serum in your routine will help in the anti-aging process more than anything else you're using. Think of serums as an insurance policy for your skin, they will assist and slow the process from the time you start using them and prolong the signs of aging for years to come. 


The F.A.C.E. beauty Firming Serum is great for anyone 25+ and plumps the skin naturally with a Firming Botanical Complex. Like most serums, the Firming Serum sinks deep into the skins dermis and hypodermis to treat new skin cells before coming to the surface.  


Pro Tip: After cleansing your face, apply your Firming Serum, then finish off with F.A.C.E. beauty Hydrating Night Cream.

Firming Serum

  • Products are shipped as they are available. Everything is made in small batches, so you may have to wait a little longer for processing. We apologize in advance for having to make you wait for products, F.A.C.E is working hard to have products in stock so shipping can take off much sooner.

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