WOAH BUDDY: Covid-19

I broke my silence, it's time to chat. I want to give you something to chew on for a little bit as well as some positive energy.

Be careful out there, wash your hands and be careful to moisturize them in these times too. All that extra washing can cause some dryness so keep your mitts moist as much as you can. I sent this little letter out earlier to everyone on my email lists, and I wanted to share this with you as well.

Dear F.A.C.E Troop#143

Wow 2020 right!? Due to the recent world news we are making a couple changes due to COVID-19  **I am currently taking appointments, but they are limited and precautionary measures are being taken to protect myself as well as my clients. I want everyone to know that here at F.A.C.E Headquarters we are taking COVID-19 seriously and your health is always top priority. At the Studio everything is getting a deep sanitation as well as all products, brushes, and kits. You can be sure that if you get a package from us it will be CLEAN CLEAN and CLEAN. Make sure that you take transit into consideration.  All F.A.C.E orders will come with a mini sanitizer because you're so special to me, I want to get you something useful in this time. Think of this as my little internet hug to help. I'd send TP but girl I'm out too!  New offerings, like in-store pickup, delivery, or online orders that allow me to serve and support you will always be available. Please let me know at checkout if you'd prefer a pickup or delivery.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times. I know that things can be scary right now, take a deep breath, stay inside and relax if you can, and count your blessings.

Sing the Golden Girls song in your head as your washing your hands in hot water, that way you ensure that you've been washing them long enough to kill all the germies.


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