Top Makeup Trends for 2019 and Eyeshadow Tips for your eye color!

#1- Monochrome Makeup and outfits

#2- Green with Envy (eye makeup)

#3- Metals and Hype (metallic details)

#4- Fresh Dewy Skin

#5- Non-touring (bronzing the skin instead)

#6- Lip Stains (and Natural Lips)


Opposites attract: Orange-tinted shades like terracotta and bronze will warm up blue eyes and really make them pop.  Also, a set of neutral shadows will complement baby blues like no other. Use these shades to brush on a subtle everyday eye makeup look.


If you have brown eyes, consider yourself lucky because virtually every shadow will be flattering once it's swiped on your lids. Rich plum and vibrant purple shades will highlight the clarity of your eye color. Also, shades of mossy green will make brown eyes stand out. In other words, consider this palette your antidote to a late night.


A palette with a curated selection of purple and warm neutral eyeshadows are the secret to making green eyes even more vivid. Another trick is, Rust and cranberry shadows will also work in green eyes' favor. 


The key for hazel eyes to be even more of a standout: Swipe on bright violet shadows.  OR, Give hazel eyes' gold flecks even more sparkle with a set of warm neutral shadows. 


Stick to cool shades of blue to amplify your unique eye color.  Gray eyes have the tendency to appear flat, but a selection of shimmery charcoal and pewter grays will add depth and enhance your color. 

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