*THROWBACK POST* Plus Style: Pinstripes and High Buns!

Its Throwback Tuesday baby... Ok I just made that up, but I wanted to post some of my old blogs that I've lost since I moved Michelle Swoons over to a new Place on the internet. You're going to see some older posts that were so good I couldn't just leave them to never be seen again. Here's a throwback to when my weightloss journey was making biiiiiig changes in my life.

If you've been following me for a bit you know my catch phrase happens to be "SO BOMB." I have no idea why that particular phase describes the best thing in the world, to me. I figured it was time to embrace it, and I am doing some "bomb fashion" articles now. What do you think? Is anyone with me on this?

For this look I was inspired by my friend MindyCityy, and my new-found waist! In november 2017, I discovered that I had a waist, (after some weight-loss) and decided to use it. I was really excited that I found someone who looked somewhat like me in ads. Mindy and I both had a bigger bottom and smaller in the waist area, which makes it harder to trust us according to Poison..."Never trust a big butt and a smile". Anywho, I really like Mindy's insta feed. I can see what some of the clothes actually look like on my body type.

I also found Eloquii this year, which was a game changer for me. I really like some of the designs there, and they always have some great sales which makes my life so much easier. Ps, if you use that link above, you can save $30.00 on your order! Anyway, I took the plunge and got the Bottoms and the top... and I looked FAN-SASS-TASTIC!

I've never worn anything like this before, and I've always wanted to. I have to say thanks to Eloquii for making things that fit my big-ol-booty body type, I think they are changing the plus size game. Being a groundbreaking brand, with great sales, is going to do amazing things for this community. That means new sales from competitors, the high demand to make a better product, and better materials all around. Trendsetters beware, you're about to start shining like the bright stars you are!

Another big thank you to my "ride or dies." Amber and Jaye have been with me since the beginning, we like to call ourselves the OG's of the Chicago Plus-Size Community. Most of us started blogging a long long time ago when it wasn't the best time to be blogging. We've stayed true to ourselves, our brands, and each other. It's really nice to goto an event and see a familiar face in the crowd that's been there to see you struggle, that's been there when you were learning (and still are), and that has gone through some of the same disappointments that you have. To my girl gang, I'm here! I've got your back babes.

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