Thirsty Thursday Fashion Trends: Dark Academia

Tell me you've heard of this!? No? Thirsty Thursday is when you... J/K DARK ACADAEMIA WHAT??! You know what else is trending right now? Grunge! **Headbangs at my desk** I love the grunge trend and everything about it!

What is dark academia fashion?

I asked myself this as I was on Pinterest eyeballing all the CUTE LOOKS, and here is what google said...

Dark academia fashion style is designed to reflect a subculture that emphasises on education, learning, reading, writing, and hence the 'academic' touch. However, what makes the dark academia fashion look so distinct from the classic academic fashion style is the 'dark', gothic aesthetic influence.

Say what you want about this trend but I love it, I also see this as the movie Clueless coming to life. Every woman over 30 loves Clueless, and if she says no... she's lying to you! Anyway, check out some of these CUTE #ootd (outfit of the day) inspired by this "new trend"

Where can you get some of these? Especially in Plus size? I have a couple suggestions, but you should always look around for your own fave shopping sites. I have NEVER bought clothes on amazon, but apparently this is the new fashion era!

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