Plus Style Guide: Holiday Looks for the Edgy ones #THROWBACK

ThROWbACK TuESday PoST: These Eloquii looks are unfortunately from 2017, but the love of these are still in the air. I also really cant wait to tell you what i've been up to these days. Can't wait to show you the WORLD.

If you like crop tops, leather leggings, and flannels you're totally in the right place. In the last few years I've noticed my style has stopped evolving, and I've "come into my own" so to speak. So here on this crazy journey of life, remember that you will figure everything in out... "all in due time" my dad used to say.

Now, I think it's officially my time :). Here are some holiday looks for that edgy babe, who is ready for some non-traditions.

I've figured out that for a big girl, I've got a bomb-ass stomach! So rocking these crop tops are not as scary as I thought. Rocking them with some faux leather leggings are even more outside of the box, so, get ready girls! I picked up this super cozy velvet jacket that I like to call my Hugh Heff jacket, I feel so regal, and cozy at the same time. Pairing this with a lace crop bralette and some faux leather leggings, really made this my signature look of edgy and sassy.  I love mixing prints, or putting things together that you wouldn't normally think of. You could also pair this with the matching pants to be super cozy!

I've also figured out that the unexpected can be something wonderful. I would have never paired green velvet Nike's with this outfit in the past, but let me tell you... IT WAS AWESOME! I look like a rap video star. Not exactly the look I was going for, but I did feel super cool. I love wearing some high-waisted leggings with a crop top, or a graphic tee and a jacket over it. That's my signature look actually! So, I switched it up a tad by wearing this amazing top from Eloquii,  it comes in 2 colors, but of course the holiday red caught my eye.

Flannel has to be one of my all time favorites. I could wear plaid/ flannel (or whatever else you like to call it) everyday of the week. Naturally, when the store catalog came out, this jacket caught my eye. I would pine over it for weeks and weeks until I finally found it online! I do recommend sizing up in this because it ran a little small in the arms for me, other than that this was a great jacket! Also, insider behind the scenes info... I slipped and fell the day that we had this shoot, right before this photo actually. This guy held up pretty good through the fall and the snow!

Let your own personal style show through this holiday season! Don't be afraid to let loose, and sport your favorite looks even if you don't think you're traditional enough for your holiday party. Think outside the box, and try something new this year. Hurry before 2017's over! 


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