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I love anything distressed... holes, rips, bleach I want it all baby! It's been somewhat of a challenge to find distressed tee's as a plus size gal. Some stores do carry them now, which is awesome, but they don't have the best distressing, or the bleach and paint splatter effects like the cooler kids have. I love that edgy style, and being the savvy girl that I am, I decided to make my own. I couldn't find them in the stores, so I decided to think outside the box.

After thinking outside the box, and getting so many compliments on them, I also decided to start making them for all of you! Now you can have your own distressed tee just like me. I hope you guys like them, a lot of them that I am selling are ones I've already made, so if you see something you like just email me and I'll get that out to you. But, I also decided to customize some of them to your liking. If you want to look through my 'stash of shirts that are sitting there waiting to be ripped up into something new please email me!

I offer some with bleach distressing, paint splatter, on the shoulder or off the shoulder, big holes or little holes... I can do it all, which is exactly what I love about this. You can create your own crop top, or do some heavy distressing and wear it with your favorite bralette which is my favorite thing to do. I've also made some pool cover-ups to wear over your favorite suits to the beach, I'm telling you the possibilities are endless!

I love to distress my favorite sports teams tops, or maybe some shirts that I love that have some witty sayings on them that would look way cooler ripped up. The plain colors also are a good way to wear this grunge trend without going too over the top. Sometimes a bleached up paint splattered shirt with holes all over it can be quite distracting to wear, so the plain white tee is another way to go that's a tad more wearable.

I love to pair this with my favorite leggings, a zip hoodie, and a jean jacket over it. I also love to wear them with some sneaks for a super relaxed look, similar to how I styled in the above photo. I also love to wear them with jeans, some cool accessories, and a leather jacket. The possibilities are endless with these. I've also knotted them and worn them over a maxi dress in the summer for a different look. It's your body, you be the judge, and don't forget to have fun with your style.

What is your favorite way to wear a distressed tee?

#Photos by @PerryFish aka Alluring Chicago at The Robey Hotel Chicago.

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