I found more pieces of myself that were missing after 2020 chewed me up and spit me out. Even throughout Covid, and the challenges the year brought, I had some beautiful time with Cori Strong Photography at one of my #Ambassador shoots. I feel compelled to share more of my experience with you in hopes that you can find your light too.

Loving yourself is a choice, or your partner, your job.... this could apply to all aspects. It's still a decision that you make everyday when you wake up that you are going to commit to it. It's not a right of passage, or even a destination that can be measured when you get there. It's a lifelong journey to love yourself. Choose to be better, choose to love more, choose healthier foods and things that are good for you. It's a lifelong battle, but the little choices we make each day to better ourselves are worth it. I want to share #ourbodiesarenotshameful with you.

Cori Strong, take it away girl!

In response to Facebook's continued censoring of women's bodies, I'm thrilled to announce my upcoming project/campaign: OUR BODIES ARE NOT SHAMEFUL

Over the next two months, I'll be photographing around 30 women (including myself), showcasing our bodies exactly as they are. I want you to show up 100% to this! We're going to show stretchmarks, cellulite, our tummies, our wrinkles, and our entire selves-without apology.
We are going to interrupt the deeply damaging narrative that women's bodies are only seen as sexual and for men's pleasure and that women's bodies are inherently shameful. Mark Zuckerberg may or may not realize he's playing right into the patriarchy. Oh-and also-sexuality is not shameful either! But the entire point of a boudoir shoot is to help women actually feel comfortable and proud in their bodies whether that's simply getting used to looking at your body or exploring your sensuality. But it's each woman's choice
"Cornell philosophy professor Kate Manne argues that misogyny is not about male hostility or hatred toward women — instead, it’s about controlling and punishing women who challenge male dominance. Misogyny rewards women who reinforce the status quo and punishes those who don’t."
Each woman will be photographed in my downtown Bloomington studio on a minimalist backdrop. These sessions will last about 15 minutes. This will not be boudoir style. These will be natural-wear a simple bra/undie set, a simple bodysuit, etc. and your hair/makeup however you'd like!
I would like to encourage everyone to be willing to be uncomfortable-show the parts of yourself that you may be tempted to hide or you think needs changing. As much as this is about rebelling against misogyny, this is also about normalizing real bodies. Enough with the commercialized version of ideal beauty.
A lot of you follow me on IG and love the body positivity activists I share. Some of you message me saying "I wish I could be that brave!"
Here's our time to be brave I'm going to do this right along with you! We need to stop reinforcing the belief that only young, thin, white women are worthy of being seen online. One of my clients couldn't even find black women represented in boudoir images on Pinterest.
Let's change it all. I would love for this project to be as diverse as possible! All sizes, races, ages
A model release will be required. These images will be published in a blog post, in a special edition of my magazine that will be distributed both online and throughout town, and of course, on social media.
Along with your image, I'd like to include a paragraph about your relationship with your body. I want women everywhere to read through the magazine or blog post, see real women's bodies (un-retouched) and read an inspiring excerpt from each woman. You will help other women to feel empowered in taking ownership of their own bodies!
Each woman who participates will receive a $200 gift voucher to use towards a boudoir session this year. If you're a previous client, you'll receive $250! **This cannot be combined with another discount and is not valid towards previous sessions**
These 15 min shoots will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays during the day. Please don't apply if you can't make these times work.
⇢Email cori@coristrong.com with subject "project".
⇢In the email, include a picture of you that is clearly lit-no filter
⇢Tell me why you'd like to participate, how you'd like to help change the current narrative on women's bodies, and share your own journey with your body.
⇢Be as descriptive as possible! Tell me what you've been through, what obstacles you've overcome and how, and most importantly-how do you respect and love your body.
⇢I'll be basing my choices on how much effort was put into this email I will be looking for diversity in age, body type and race.
Please have your emails in to me by next Tuesday
I won't be able to choose everyone for this round, but if there's enough interest, I will definitely do a part 2 later this year!
Thank you so much to everyone in here!! You all are rockstars and let's do this damn thing!

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