No heat Hairstyles: Chopstick Style Curls

I'm in love with those chopstick style curls, but with all the blonde and the heat damage from day to day life, I've been trying to avoid any unnecessary styling. I also have been looking for fun and less damaging ways to get some of my FAVORITE hairstyles without the fuss and heat. One of my all time faves are the curls I can get with the Chopstick Styler, Curling Wand however mine broke so I had to get super creative to get the same look. This is a bit softer, and less volumized, but it's pretty close to it!

STEP 1: You're going to start with my dynamic duo! I love the Air Dry It line from L'oreal... you can find it at the drugstore, it's super cheap, and it makes my hair look great with little to no effort at all. I use the mousse to give me some volume and help hold a curl, and I use the styling cream to keep the frizz at a dull roar. I would like to say I have a method to my madness, but really I just kinda slap it on my head. I use to keep the mousse toward the roots etc, but I've been putting it everywhere lately. And, I use the cream toward the midshaft to the ends. I also take my nighttime shower ahead of time, and put these on when my hair is wet/damp, I should mention for this heatless hair style your hair does need to be wet/damp.

STEP 2: Braid your hair, I don't care how you do it, but it needs to be braided. I just have my friend french braid it into 2 tighter pigtail braids, but if you can't do that then you can just grab sections of your hair (small ones) and braid those all individually. Before you go to sleep you'll look like you have braids of dreads but who cares right!? I do think the french braids might be a little easier to sleep on, but any way that you can get these done the better. I also suggest getting your part situated before you start braiding, so you can braid where your part is going to be. It makes it a lot easier when you wake up. Next head to sleep and get some beauty ZZZ's, the morning is when you'll finish!

STEP 3: Wake up and take out your braids, try not to comb them out too much just manipulate them with your fingers a bit. I also like to spray them with a texturizing beach spray, or a pomade that's not too heavy to take them to the next level. When you're done taking out your braids and fluffing them up, you're basically done! It's up to you whether you want to add products or not, but I do find that they stay pretty perky and bouncy if you add a little something. I can get a couple of days out of this hairstyle as well, which makes it worth the extra night-time routine! I also love that I get some messy waves, without any damage... trust me, your hair will thank you.

I would tell you to add a little dry shampoo for some extra volume and pump, but I'm going to try to stay away from that right now. I've been doing some research on dry shampoo and I'm afraid that's one of the reasons my hair is thinning. I'll have a full report on that later, but for now, check out my AWESOME hair <3

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