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I am the queen of natural looks, I sit down to do my makeup differently and always seem to do the same type of look. I look best in natural glam looks that just highlight my bone structure. As I get older, sometimes the more I wear the worse I look. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I'm about to show you this awesome "less is more" look from my makeup bag. I also noticed that I've used a TON of drugstore stuff recently, so hold on for this rollercoaster of goodies baby!

First off Physicians Formula WHAT IS UP! They have been coming out with some amazing products that have been really blowing my mind. I tried that butter bronzer one time and that was enough to get me hooked for life, and don't even get me started on the butter highlighters... OMG AMAZING! Let me tell you about everything I've purchased, and what I loved! I went a little ham with drugstore a couple of weeks ago, so I have a lot to tell you about. There's also a look for you at the end of the post! I hope you are able to re-create this at home, and if you have any trouble let me know, I'm always here to help.

This Rose all day serum is an illuminating skin care product that I like to use in the morning before I do my makeup. This claims to brighten, tighten, and illuminate the skin and I find it to do all those things. I love the illuminating tint that it gives my face, plus I'm a huge fan of the smell. It does smell like rose, but it's very light and not offensive at all. I personally love the rose scent, but I have used this on others who are NOT a fan of the rose scents in products, and they love this serum just as much as I do.  Two thumbs up from me!

A benefit to using a serum in your skin care routine is that they make a big impact on your skin over time. When  you get a little older your skin needs some extra TLC to fight the signs of aging. A serum is something I recommend everyone start using one when they hit 25 and up. I probably started even younger than that, but I liked skin care, it was fun for me :)

Another hit for me was the Spotlight Illuminating Primerthis guy is almost an exact dupe to the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors or the Becca Backlight Priming filter. I think the Physicians formula version has the PERFECT amount of shimmer and glow for everyone. I also like the universal color that it comes in, it's a perfect champagne gold that works well on all skin tones. For the price, this guy is one of the best dupes I've ever found! I just saved myself a ton of money. I hope they come out with other colors in this as well, I would love to mix these in with my foundations and other primers to make everything illuminated. If I was a super villain I would want to change the world so everything sparkled. I love adding shimmer and shine to everything. I also admit that as I get older, my skin is lacking a bit of luster, so adding these illuminating primers under foundation or even into your foundation make a big difference in how your skin looks.

I hate to say that these are the star of the show, but these Butter Highlighters are TO DIE FOR. This cream to powder formula is unlike anything I've ever tried, they are super pigmented but also able to be applied subtly so anyone could wear them. I also think these are perfect for mature skin, because of the creamy texture they don't settle into fine lines and wrinkles. These have a way of making your skin look healthy, supple, and alive. I'm hooked, and I'm not ashamed of it! You can click on the pictures in the gallery to blow them up, check out those swatches guys...

After trying the highlighters I had to try the Bronzer and the Blush, they were all just as outstanding as the next. These DO NOT disappoint, let me tell you. Then again, Physician's formula does seem to be the drugstore authority, so I was expecting them to be better than the rest. I just wasn't expecting THIS GOOD! Only complaint I do have is with the bronzer, I don't think that the deeper shades are good for deeper skin tones. They need to expand the shade range a bit to offer more colors for darker and deeper skin tones, but there are a lot of brands out there that need to do. I'm pretty light and I was able to use the "sun-kissed" and "deep" shade which are the 2 darkest shades in the range, just for some expectations.

This Healthy Skin Foundation was another one that exceeded my expectations, is it my favorite foundation? No, it's not... but lately I haven't been able to find any foundations that work well for me. I like that it has a doe foot applicator similar to the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation. This has medium coverage, and buildable to full coverage fairly easy. I personally don't like a ton of coverage, but there are some days when I need it, so this is helpful to have on hand. I love to mix the foundation with the illuminating primer, it makes my skin look like a glowing goddess!

Now for the Tutorial... what you've all been waiting for! Here are my steps to getting this look at home:

1. Start off with PF Rose all day Serum after cleansing your face, applying this liberally all over, then finishing off with a light moisturizer. I love the Murad Charged Water, and if your skin is dry Murad also has a facial oil that's amazing under makeup.

2. After letting my Skincare set into my face, I apply a my Spotlight Illuminating Primer from PF all over. You can apply this with your fingers, or a brush whatever is easier for you. It also applies really well with a beauty blender sponge!

3. Start in the middle of the face dabbing a couple of places with your PF Healthy Skin Foundation, then blend with a beauty sponge for best results. If you start in the center of the face working outward you'll avoid any harsh lines around the jaw line and outer edges of the face. Make sure that your foundation is blended to perfection, that is key. No one looks good with a streaky face.

4. Apply a highlighting concealer under the eyes. I personally like the Fenty Beauty Match Stix, or Tarte Rainforest of the Sea concealer. You can blend this with your fingers or your beauty sponge. Pro Tip: if your under eye always tends to look dry or crepe, apply an eye cream before your concealer... it makes a biiiig difference, trust me.

5. Contour the face with Butter Bronzer using a fluffy brush. I like the Mac 135 for this job, it blends the easiest on the face. I like using the bronzer to carve out my cheek bones, under my jaw line, around my forehead and down the nose. I also use the same MAC 135 brush and dust it over my eyelids for an all over Monochrome look.

6. I used the Butter Blush in Natural Glow and mixed it a tiny bit with my bronzer. I applied that to my cheeks for a nice bronzed blush to round out the look.  Pro Tip: Don't smile when putting on your blush! After your done, your face droops... which is the opposite of what you're trying to do with your blush. Instead, find the fattest part of the apple in your cheeks and apply it there with an upward motion toward the temples.

7. Highlight to the heavens baby! I love a good highlight so I apply it to the tops of my cheek bones, the brow bone, the bridge of the nose and my cupids bow. I also often apply it above my brow bone and around the eye socket for added drama. I used the Butter Highlighter for all of this! You can apply it with your fingers for a blinding highlight but I just used a dusty fan brush for a soft halo of a glow. I also used a soft gold color which matched with my look a bit better, I've also used the rose gold and found that it makes me look ready for summer! These also make great blush toppers for an all over glow.

8. Finish off your eyes with a little highlighter, Mascara, and shape those brows babe. I love the Ardell Wispies Mascara, or the new L'oreal voluminous Paradise. I used the Dior Brow Pencil to shade in my brows, but I've found a couple from the drugstore that worked well for me, stay tuned for that article coming up next week!

9. Apply a nude mauve lip gloss and you're ready to rock and roll babe!

Were you able to follow along with the steps pretty well? Would you rather have a YouTube tutorial attached? Let me know in the comments below, I love to hear your opinions.


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