Myths about Beauty Oils

How many times have your friends, family, or work buddies referred to everything being "oil-free". Going to the store looking for a moisturizer, it's always oil-free on everything! Our pimple faced teen years, made us all a little overly aware of OIL-FREE products. Or, told you to look for the oil free labels on everything. What did oil ever do to you anyway?

Did you know that the best way to moisturize your skin is with an oil? Did you know that if your skin is oily, it’s because you're not getting enough moisturizer? Well, that's not the only reason, but a lot of oily people often think they should skip the moisturizer step, which only makes the oil production worse.

I've taken to the streets to ask some of my friends what makes them scared about trying an oil on their face. Are you in one of these anti-oil groups too? Well stick around to see if your questions are answered.

  • But, don't oils cause breakouts?

  • How effective are they against anti-aging?

  • Are they meant for oily skin types?

  • There's so many of them... How do I know what to buy? Aren't they all the same anyway?

  • Clogging my Pores?

  • I only use these in the Winter…

  • Does my skin look dry?

  • Am I going to look shiny like a grease ball?


YES, THEY DO! In fact, they work better than most creams because they penetrate deep into the skin’s layers with tons of moisture. More than what you can get from cream. Dry skin will age a lot faster than plump hydrated skin will. Think what dehydrated grapes — a.k.a. raisins — look like. Oils, of course, stop dryness in its tracks and lock in moisture.

As an added bonus, facial oils offer antioxidants, Omega’s 3’s, and essential fatty acids which are repairing and necessary for our skin’s healing process. They slow down aging and neutralize free radicals. Marula oil is super rich in antioxidants, people often claim this as the holy grail of anti-aging oils. Oils protect the skin’s acid mantle by creating a lipid barrier over the skin, protecting it from harsh elements, and aiding in its own healing process. They seep right on in, plumping the skin by preventing water loss and adding moisture, making face oils a fantastic quick-fix for dry, sunken, dehydrated skin.


These oils make your skin look healthy, supple, and full of shine… the good kind though. So, for those of you with all those shine questions, or the winter wonderland appeal think again. You can use oils all year round for that healthy red-carpet look of the stars. Just like the times have changed, so has skin-care, and oils are not what they used to be. Since they are more emollient now, they absorb a lot faster into the skin, and can actually be a lot lighter than some of your day creams. So, start by swapping out heavy moisturizer for a facial oil that penetrates just as thoroughly. Usually they don’t leave a residue, absorb instantly, and give you that J-lo glow you’ve always wanted.


LISTEN UP Y’ALL! Naturally derived oils aren't responsible for breakouts, it's all those other ones you have to worry about. Comedogenic oils, say it with me now…. COMEDOGENIC! What is that, you say? Mineral oils or synthetic oils are the ones you have to stay away from. Look for something that says “food grade” like mine! Treat your skin-care shopping just as you would your grocery shopping… Read the labels and opt for products that have the list you can read and understand. Remember The first 5 ingredients are usually what the product is made up of, so if you can’t understand it, put it down.

I know it seems kind of crazy but hear me out… IF YOUR SKIN IS OILY, THE USE OF OIL CAN BALANCE YOU OUT. I know I sound like a load of crap, but I’m not lying to you. Not only do facial oils regulate you during your oily times, they also soothe inflammation during your drier hours. Using certain oils can help balance and regulate the problem because they will mimic your natural sebum production. Oils to look for if you’re oily? Jojoba, Rose, Apricot Kernel, and Grape-seed.


For those of you who are worried about looking greasy, shiny, or too “filmy”… I do have some light on that subject as well. A high-quality face oil will actually absorb into your skin instantly and won’t leave a shiny film. The more you use it the better it gets, because your skin will regulate. I’ve been using a face oil for years now, and my skin has never looked this good! I’ll sometimes switch to cream once in a while to use up what I have, and it doesn’t feel the same at all.


I use oil in my professional kit for literally everything. I mix it into foundation, primer, or my pigments. People often think that using an oil under make-up is another no-no, but by using an oil, it provides a supple, dewy, luminous look to skin that you would pay thousands to achieve! As long as you’re using a good oil with healthy ingredients clogging the pores is a thing of the past.


I understand the saying “you get what you pay for,” but please DO NOT start throwing your money away on expensive oils that you don’t know how to use yet. There are plenty of oils on the market that are really good quality, and worth the money… WITHOUT draining your bank account. We all know about Argan Oil, thanks Josie Maran, but there are so many on the market ASIDE from that! We really need to school you on all of them so you can pick the right one for you.

-Marula Oil: Contains a POWERHOUSE amount of Vitamin C, packed with antioxidants which aid in the healing process. Its strong suit is in its high levels of Vitamin C, which generally help with sun damage, discoloration, and spots. However, it has been known to help a lot with anti-aging and fine lines as well.

-Rose-hip: Derived from roses, (my fave) this amazing little guy is packed with vitamin A and C. These together can stimulate cell turnover, and protect from environmental damage. The Rapid cell turnover is really helpful for those healing scars.

-Argan Oil: Argan is extracted from a nut, that primary grows in the southern regions of Morocco. Its JAM PACKED with fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, and ultra absorbent. They’ve been calling this liquid gold for years. I would grab this is you’ve got eczema, dry scalp, or acne! The Oleic acid helps with sebum while the linoleic acid promotes healthy skin turnover. Both of these are important for acne sufferers.

-Coconut Oil: The Driest of skin is no match for this guy. This is one of the richer oils out there, and less common for the face, but I would use it on my face if I had to. I love to use this on my body and use it to exfoliate before going into the shower. Grab a dry brush and slop of of this on it before going into the shower while your skin is still dry… you’ll thank me later.

-Grape Seed Oil: I’ve seen grapes in my skin care for ages. I didn’t know though, that he was the best acne fighter in the group. If you apply it daily for a few weeks, it will significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes as well. Grape seed is also an excellent anti-inflammatory!

-Jojoba Oil: Coming from the southwest region of good ol Mexico, its consistency is almost that of Sebum itself. For those of you who don’t know, sebum is a natural oil your skin already produces, so, when I tell you this will mimic your skin’s sebum… I’m serious. Since it is able to mimic your skin’s natural abilities, its able to assist and communicate with your skin in the overproduction of oil. It will also penetrate a lot more than other oils. This guy also has the longest shelf life of all the other oils, which can save your some cash!

-Castor Oil: WOAH wait a minute, do not drink this! This vegetable oil derived from the castor plant is great to promote hair growth. They say that it helps with acne as well, but I don’t really use it for that… I think there are others that have better benefits when it comes to that.

-Maracuja Oil: I’ve only seen this from Tarte, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. I hear that it naturally combats insomnia, anxiety, and stress. So you would think that I would be all over this yeah? They say that this is non- greasy and is derived from the Passion Flower Plants!

-Pomegranate Oil: This guy comes cold-pressed and more expensive sometimes. The particularly lightweight oil is great for all skin types, absorbent, and packed with vitamins A, D, E, and K. It has anti-inflammatory agents that really help in reducing redness and brightening of the skin.

-Avacado Oil: Other than being an amazing form of food, and super tasty, avocado is super good for the skin, and rich in vitamin E. This is similar to his coconut amigo, but much lighter in scent and great for dry skin. This is one of the best oils for anti-aging, will soften the skin, and reduce the appearance of age spots!

I’m sure there are a ton more that I’m missing, but if you’re looking for a good recommendation, stay tuned for our next article in the series… the BATTLE OF THE OILS!

I'll go through all the different types of oils and put some popular ones on the market to the test.

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