It's been a crazy October "The Halloween Post"

Right now in Chicago its 3am, and what am I doing you wonder? Well, WONDER NO MORE, I'm writing a blog. Some would argue that being awake at this ungodly hour is crazy, and to that I say... yeah. I promised myself that I would get back into my blogging, plus there is always a ton going on in October.

One of the best parts of October is Halloween, but don't forget the crisp fall chill in the air, and of course PUMPKIN SPICE ERRRATHAAAANNN. I'm so in love with those damn pumpkin cream cold brews that I should've been made partial owner of Starbucks already.

Another fun gal that's also in love with the season shares the same loves as I do, so we got together to bring you a Halloween Treat.

Or... Maybe the bat isn't for you? Maybe Kandy-Korn O'dandy can entice you?

My student Michelle Carli MUA created this amazing Kandy Corn look, and I'm in love with the costume, ANNNND her makeup!

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