Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo

OMG BECKY! I am in love with a dry shampoo, and this is commitment worthy for sure. Bumble and Bumble just launched a new dry shampoo that is out of this world. They have 2 types to choose from. Classic is for the normal to oily gals, and Nourishing for those of us who need a little extra TLC.

Nourishing is perfect for my blonde, color treated, and DRY damaged hair. Most dry shampoos, although I love them, usually make my hair feel super dry. I also have major issues with the white cast, films, and powdering feeling that it leaves on my scalp. I can't win! I love love love dry shampoos, but they are so bad for me. They've also said that they can cause some issues with breakage, and slowing down hair growth... but what am I supposed to do? I can't wash my hair too much, I cant use the dry shampoo... its like a never ending circle of hell.

Well not anymore! Thanks to BB I now have a dry shampoo that is nourishing, smells wonderful, has no residue, makes my hair full and volumized, AND soaks up all the oil. It's perfect for me! It also doesn't make my dry/damaged hair feel worse, its literally the perfect combo of everything, what else could I ask for?

Solo Salon is where I fell in love with Bumble and Bumble, and where I learned useful tips on how to use the products. Thanks Solo!


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