Am vs. PM Skincare

It's time for some suggestions, and info a session straight to you baby! I've been listening to you, and I hope your prayers are somewhat answered with these new tips and tricks infographics.

Let me clear some things up for you, shall we? I do all my skincare at night, why you ask? Well, when we sleep our bodies go into repair mode and heal. Doing your skincare at night ensures that your skin is in optimal repair, while reaping the benefits of your expensive skincare!

Extra treatments:

Masks- Facial Masks are amazing, I personally love a good sheet mask, but there are so many different possibilities I can't imagine learning all the tips on your own. Here is a little key of info you can use when picking a mask.

Clay masks will suck all the crap out of the pores that your skincare missed

Enzyme masks will resurface the skin gently while leaving radiant and fresh skin underneath

Moisture masks are best for anyone with dry skin, and these are my faves for mature skin!

Exfoliating is important as well. Removing dead skin and debris helps with cell turnover as well as resurfacing the skin's moisture balance. Remember gentle is better, and too much of a good thing can be bad also, so don't over-do-it. Start off exfoliating once a week with my Papaya Enzyme Mask!

Feel free to save this little guy and as always ask away if you need anything my loves!

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