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"This is where all my worlds collide! Beauty, Eating Disorder Recovery, My Brand and so much more. Thank you for visiting, I hope you love it here!"  -xoxo   Michelle

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I've been doing makeup since 2005 professionally, and teaching makeup education for 8 years. 


So, this is me... my whole life on a small section of the internet. I'm Michelle Swoons, a Make-up Artist, Plus size Model, Brand creator, Eating Disorder Survivor, and Makeup Educator. 

I created my brand F.A.C.E beauty for you, and I'm so glad you've found it. Facts Action Compassion and Empowerment is my baby, and took a lot of guts to finally take the plunge to launch. Guts I finally found through my journey with my Eating Disorder. In 2018 I took a new direction with my blog, and my website, in order to hopefully educate others on Eating Disorder Recovery. 

Among other things, I launched my brand in order to help Empower others.

F.A.C.E beauty is made up of luxury ingredients infused into skincare based makeup. I also upped the pigmentation so that all skin tones could enjoy the formula too. I'm hoping that my brand can be something empowering that brings you the joy and confidence you need to get through those tough days, 

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F.A.C.E beauty

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